sertlik1MHM (Micro Hardness Measurement)

Micro hardness analysis is used in the characterization of materials that are not suitable for conventional hardness tests. Micro hardness tests are used in the analysis of thin materials like foils, different microstructures within matrix structures, or in determining hardness variations across the cross-sectional area of a sample.

Equipment Specifications

  • Applicable load range: 0.981 N – 306.6 N
  • Camera: 0.5 in, 1.0 LUX, 752×582
  • Field of view: 169 µm at 40× magnification
  • Maximum sample height: 80 mm
  • Standards compliant:
    • Vickers: DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E384, ASTM E92 (HV0.05-HV30), JIS Z 2244
    • Knoop: DIN EN ISO 4545, ASTM E384, JIS Z 2251
    • Brinell: DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E10 (HBW 2.5-31-25)
    • Surface Rockwell (optional): DIN EN ISO 6508 (HR15N, HR30N, HR15T, HR30T), ASTM E18 (HR15N, HR30N, HR15T, HR30T)