The sample to be analyzed for carbon (or) sulfur is burned in a high-temperature furnace with additives and under a stream of oxygen. The resulting carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide is determined by infrared IR spectroscopy.

A flow of approximately 60 L/h of oxygen is supplied to the sample port at the front of the combustion tube. Of this oxygen, 30 L/hour of the flow (carrier gas flow) is withdrawn from the combustion tube. The rest of the oxygen escapes through the sample inlet port and thus forms a gas curtain that prevents the entry of ambient air into the combustion tube. The gas stream passes through the drying tube and then flows into the detector.

karbon-kukurt-analiz-cihazi-2The electronics and detector unit measures and controls the gas flow, regulates the IR source, monitors the temperature and pressure of the analysis gas, controls the cooling of the detector and digitizes the detector signal. Automatic gain control (AGC) ensures constant sensitivity. Communicates with the electronic computer via a USB port.


Behr-logoBehr™ software controls the instrument, evaluates the raw data, performs the necessary calculations and archives the analysis data.